LED Bulbs 7440 X1 Series 3200 Lumens

Size: 7440
Color: White
Sale price$34.95


Ideal for Parking, Brake, Back up, Turn Signals or Tail Light.
Extended life cycle beyond 30,000 hours
Our newly redesigned LED bulb uses CSP FLT Strip LEDs which are commonly found on high power flashlights. Each bulb is stacked with CSP LEDs resulting in an increase in light density and light distance. These new energy efficient LED bulbs are proudly made and design by BPS Lighting !

Product Specifications:
Operating Voltage: 9~30 VDC
LED Type: High Power CSP
Total Power Consumption: 30 Watts each
Luminous Flux: 1600LM each
Type: Replacement Bulb
Color Available: White or Orange
Beam Angle: 360 degree + Top
Bulbs are shock and vibration proof 
Low heat generation ensures a longer bulb life 

Package Included:
2 x led bulbs

Make Sure that you order the right model for your application, if you need help please contact our tech support !

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