Kompakt Series LED Headlight Bulbs 8000 lumens ***PLUG AND PLAY NO ADDITIONNAL ACCESSORIES REQUIRED***

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Specially designed for Volkswagen and can be installed as a simple OEM halogen bulb for easy installation. With only 25 watts of power and Philips ZES high-efficiency chips from the United States, these bulbs create about 2 to 3 times more light than your original halogen bulbs with only 1/2 energy consumption. This LED bulb conversion kit will replace your dipped beam in no time. 25 watts and 4000 lumens. Error-free warranty on your dashboard. No adapter needed.

* Voltage: 12V
* Power: 50w / Set and 25w / Bulb
* Amperage: 3 A
* Real Lumen: 8000 lms
* LED type: CSP LED from Korea
* Security Rating: DOT Certified
* Color temperature: 6500K
* Sealing rate: IP68
* Shell material: special aluminum alloy
* Working temperature: -40 ° C to + 150 ° C
* Connector type: Plug and Play
* 200% brighter than your original halogen headlights
* Lifetime: up to 50,000 hours

Vehicle compatibility:
Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2014-2018 Low Beam
Volkswagen All Track 2017 Low Beam
Volkswagen Eos 2012-2016 Low Beam
Volkswagen e-Golf 2015-2018 Low Beam
Volkswagen Golf 2010-2019 Low Beam
VolkswagenGolf GTI 2010-2017 Low Beam
Volkswagen Golf R 2012-2017 Low Beam
Volkswagen Passat 2012-2019 Low Beam
Volkswagen SportWagen 2010-2014 Low Beam
Volkswagen Tiguan 2012-2017 Low Beam

All these models are suitable for low beam headlights without HID system.

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