H10 Terminator Series 55W Canbus HID Xenon Headlight Kit 4300K to 12000K

BPS LightingSKU: TMT55H1043K

Size: 4300K
Sale price$119.95


Plug and Play Canbus Terminator 
Full Digital Series 55W Kit With Quick Start Techology - Replacement Halogen Headlight Lamp.

High Performance Super Slim Ballast
We work many months to develop our Terminator ballast series. Our mind was to have something reliable and would be plug and play on most of the newest vehicles !

LED Polarity Indicator
BPS Lighting design is own voltage polarity control connector on there Terminator Series HID ballast for easy and smooth installation !

High Quality Xenon Bulbs
Unlike the competition, BPS Lighting uses brand name components in all our xenon bulbs. These components ensure longer life and better stability in color in all our bulbs. Other generic models will fail after couples of months !

Color Temperature
The ideal Kelvin range for a HID kit being used on a car would be 5000K to 6000K. In fact, 5000K is the closest replication to natural sunlight, and this means that they are ideal for driving. As the Kelvin range increases, the light becomes less efficient.

* Voltage: - 9-16V
* Power: 110w / Set & 55w / Bulb
* Brightness: 3000Lms to 4500Lms
* HID type: High Intensity Discharge (HID)
* Color Temp: 4300K ​​/ 5000K / 6000K / 8000 / 10000K / 12000K
* Waterproof Rate: ISO 9001 Certification
* Operating Temperature: -40 to -105-C
* Connector Type: Plug and Play
* Life span: More than 5000 Hours

Color Available: 
Warm White 4300K
Pure White 5000K
Cool White 6000K
Ice Blue 8000K
Cool Blue 10000K
Deep Blue 12000K

The installation is relatively simple. Between 15 to 20 minutes for most of the vehicle.

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