Presentation of the LED / DEL Euro Kompakt series with 8000 Lumens by BPS Lighting - BPS Lighting
Specially designed for Volkswagen and can be installed as a simple OEM halogen bulb for easy installation. With only 25 watts of power per bulb and high efficiency Philips ZES diodes from the USA, these bulbs create approximately 2-3 times more light than your stock halogen bulbs with only 1/2 power consumption. This LED bulb conversion kit will replace your low beam in no time. 25 watts and 4000 lumens per bulb. Error-free warranty on your dashboard. No adapter needed.

Ditch your pale yellow halogen bulbs and make way for some super concentrated 6500K bright white headlights. The night light optic of the LED bulb allows you to see more clearly for safer driving.

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