Warning Canceller 9005 / 9006 / 9012 Gold Resistors 50W/8ohm (2pcs)

BPS LightingSKU: RES9005

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Why need LED Decoder?
When LED kit is installed in newer car models or cars with a computer controlled unit CAN BUS, often there is a error code showing on the dash board or the lights keep flickering and would not stay on. This is due to the fact that the LED kit is triggering a bulb out warning signal in your car's computer control unit.  

True Plug-N-Play:
Easy to install, ture Plug-n-Play AMP connectors.

Directly plug and play, easy installation
Cancel Error Message cause by OBC (On-Board Computer) Check. Cancel Hyper Blink on LED Headlight.
Permanently resolve the annoying LED headlight flickering problem
Includes 2 pieces H4 decoder per order.

Warning - Load Resistor will get extremely hot, please mount them onto metal area or hot resistant area to prevent damage to the vehicle. DO NOT mount on plastic.

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