The All new B2 LED Headlight bulbs series from BPS Lighting - BPS Lighting
The ALL New generation B2 LED series kit offered by BPS Lighting uses the latest technology from CSP Korea Chipset. The unit is 100% constructed in Aviation Aluminium 6063 for best overall heat dissipation. In addition, the bulb is equipped with a built in Heavy duty fan to simply improve every factor of heat dissipation. This kit offers 3 to 4 times more brightness than a regular halogen bulb. The lifespan of the kit is an incredible 50000+ hours with a high speed silent fan.

*Voltage: 9 V-32 V
*Power: 100w/Set & 50w/bulb
*Actual Lumen: Up to 12000 lms/Set & 6000 Lms/bulb
*LED Type: CSP
*Color Temp: 6000K/6500K Cool White
*Waterproof rate: IP65
*Shell Material: Aviation Aluminum
*Beam Angle: 360'
*Working Temp: -30'C - +90'C
*Connector Type: Plug and Play
*300% brighter than your stock Halogen headlights
*Life Span:Up to 50,000 Hours

LED bulbs are everything you want from the automotive lighting. Getting LED bulbs is a wise investment that will save your money in the long run and facilitate your life from now on. LED bulbs are a safe, efficient, reliable and eco-friendly lighting solution, so using an LED over a standard bulb is no-brainer. Just replace the existing bulbs in your vehicle with top-notch LEDs we offer and transform your four-wheel friend from dull to road-dominating!

Over the years, we’ve grown beyond HID kits. We now have a presence in all aspects of automotive lighting from custom motorcycle lighting to off-road lighting. And although we have a larger footprint in the aftermarket automotive industry, we still stay true to our founder’s philosophy of always looking for ways to improve new and existing products. Make things brighter, stronger and simpler just for the sake of doing so. The BPS Lighting philosophy reflects in all of our products. And if it hasn’t yet in one, it’s only because we’re working on it.

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