Installation of our H11B LED bulbs for Kia and Hyundai from BPS Lighting - BPS Lighting

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Our H11B is specially designed to be plug and play on most Kia and Hyundai and on the Ford Fiesta! Available in the Perfect Fit and UltraV series from BPS Lightning.

LED bulbs are everything you would expect from automotive lighting. Getting LED bulbs is a smart investment that will save you money in the long run and make your life easier from now on. LED bulbs are a safe, efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly lighting solution, so using an LED over a standard bulb is a no-brainer. Simply replace the existing bulbs in your vehicle with premium LEDs that we offer and transform your four-wheeled friend from drab to dominating the road!

Ditch your pale yellow halogen bulbs and make way for super concentrated 6500K bright white headlights. LED bulb nightlight optic lets you see more clearly for safer driving

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